Best Minecraft YouTubers

Best YouTube Minecraft channels for kids.

The 12 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Channels on YouTube

If your kid spends as much time watching Minecraft videos as playing the game, here's a guide to the best YouTube Minecraft channels for kids. Advice from Common Sense Media editors.


Best of Minecraft Universe

Charming TrueMU (real name: Jason Probst) hosts this popular channel that's jam-packed with adventure maps, parkour maps, mini-games, and even original songs.


Best of Popular MMOs

Popular MMOs' host is a friendly, folksy guy named Pat, whose knowledge and enthusiasm for the game plus killer mods draw big audiences.


Best of TheDiamondMinecart

Hosted by Dan Middleton of Northamptonshire, England, TheDiamondMinecart is popular for its wide variety of entertaining, creative videos.


Best of CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez dazzles with his technically advanced worlds and warm, entertaining commentary.


Best of Paulo Soares

Paul Soares Jr. Family-friendly Plays and tutorials in a kindly and straightforward style.


Best of Little Lizard

Irish brothers Ryan and Scott Fitzimons run the super-popular Minecraft channel Little Lizard Gaming which features play-throughs, how-to's, and mods.


Best of PrestonPlayz

This young Minecraft YouTuber has earned a large following based on his solid playing, awesome parkour maps, and positive attitude.


All you ever wanted to know about

Mitchell Hughes. World famous Minecraft Youtuber. Curated content includes Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Giphy, Top 10 viewed videos and much more.


Best of Maricraft

Maricraft features mostly Let's Plays of spirited battles with her pals in wacky Minecraft worlds.


Best of TheAtlanticCraft

Hard-core gamers Cody (theCodyMaverick) and Joe (JoeBuzz) manage to make their Let's Plays, mods, minigames, and more both kid-friendly and technically advanced


Best of iBallisticSquid

Squid is Stampy's best friend. Voiced by David Spencer.

Minecraft Videos

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Best of Stampy

Stampy (aka Mr. Stampy Cat, aka stampylonghead) is a British cartoon cat (voiced by Joseph Garrett from Portsmouth, England).

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Best Minecraft Youtubers
Minecraft Universe
Popular MMOS
The Diamond Minecart
Paulo Soares
Little Lizard
Bajan Canadian